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Bournemouth Test Routes

Bournemouth Driving Test Centre

Various road types can be expected during the driving test from Bournemouth Driving Test Centre. Village and country roads are frequently used, also high speed dual carriageway ‘A’ roads are also used as part of the test routes. Judging speed can be difficult, especially around harsh corners on rural roads. See the country road driving tutorial for advice on how to do this.
In Bournemouth itself, busy streets will feature on the test and include road systems such as roundabouts, junctions and crossroads. Residential areas often have narrow roads and areas that make meeting oncoming vehicles challenging.
The narrow streets often require passing parked cars whilst also giving way to oncoming vehicles. These areas are frequently used for test manoeuvre purposes also. The test can be expected to last around 40 minutes and to include a manoeuvre, the emergency stop is requested on every other test conducted and independent driving is mandatory. Test centre routes are designed by the examiners who conduct practical tests at their local test centre.The routes are designed in such a way so to involve as many diverse roads and traffic systems as possible, often including very challenging parts. Gaining knowledge of the test routes provides valuable insight into the type of roads that will be taken during your test. Driving test routes may be available to view or a downloadable app for your mobile device in your area, including Bournemouth Driving Test Centre.


Due to high traffic substance and elaborate road systems, the driving test in Bournemouth can be difficult and challenging. To get a good appreciation of the different roads taken on the driving test from Bournemouth Driving Test Centre, visit the driving test routes section for Bournemouth.


If your driving test centre is located in a busiest area of the city, it may be benefit to book your driving test in between the times of 10am and 4pm. This way you will miss out on rush hour traffic that can be complicated for driving learner. On the other hand, some driving test centres offer test bookings on Saturdays. Driving test fees at the weekend are expand. Driving tests cannot be booked through the test centres instantly. To book a driving test, there are 2 options; by phone or online.
Driving Test booking by phone
For booking a practical driving test at the Bournemouth Driving Test Centres by phone, check the book a driving test section for DVSA (before the DSA) practical test booking telephone numbers. The DVSA telephone number is booking line an automated test. A DVSA PA can offer help via the options given.
Driving Test booking by online
To book your driving test online for Bournemouth Driving Test Centre, notice the book a driving test section for all DVSA contact and online booking information.
Cancelling or rescheduling the driving test
To get a full repay for the driving test at Bournemouth, you must cancellations made at least 3 working in advance of the test date. The same conditions as for rescheduling if you wish to change the date. The above contact details can be used for these methods.
The pass rates depending on which driving test centre that you take your practical test with. firstly you found a test centre closest to you, the driving test passing rates section will provide you with an evidence of the statistics for that test centre.
Turbury Park Ave Roundabout, Kinson Rd Roundabout, Alder Rd Roundabout, Bloxworth Rd Roundabout, Alder Rd Roundabout, Poole Rd Roundabout, Bourne Valley Rd Roundabout, Glenferness Ave Roundabout, Talbot Ave Roundabout, Wallisdown Rd Roundabout, Ringwood Rd Roundabout, Kinson Rd Roundabout, The Broadway Roundabout, Wimborne Rd Roundabout, Wimborne Rd Roundabout, Whitelegg Way Roundabout


This test center is really strict.”


The actual test route I got was beautiful however! I failed when I got to the carpark. there was a person trying to do the reverse park and I kept going and bam! he stepped on the break. he warned me to stop at the gates however I forgot. He also reminded me to turn on my signal. :(.”


Staff are not very welcoming and don't give you any reassurance, man at the desk is a grumpy old man with no people skills.”


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