Campbeltown Test Routes

Campbeltown Roundabouts campbeltown driving test centre

Campbeltown Driving Test Routes

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or DSA has done some changes in driving tests. One of them is DSA is not publishing test routes for driving test centres.
So Campbeltown driving test routes might have some changes in future. Currently Campbeltown test routes as still similar to those used in practical test. Find below the available driving test routes map for Campbeltown.

Driving Test Centre Campbeltown
Route Number 1
Name/ Number of Road Direction
Hall St Left
Castlehill / Railston Rd 2 nd right
Meadows Ave EOR right
Tomaig Rd EOR left, EOR right
Witchburn Rd / Bigkin St EOR left
Main St 2 nd left
Longrow 3 rd right
Lochend St / Saddell St EOR right
High St Right
Princes St Left
Queen St EOR left
George St Left
High St 3 rd left
Broad St Right
Parliament St EOR left
Broad St EOR left
Dalaruan St EOR left
Millknowe Rd Right
Hillside Rd Left
Calton Ave Right
Davaar Ave EOR left
The Roadings EOR left
Albyn Ave EOR right
Longrow St EOR left
Main St Roundabout right
Hall St Right
St John St Left
Shore St  
Driving Test Centre Campbeltown
Name/ Number of Road Direction
Hall St Roundabout ahead
Esplanade Left
Kinloch Rd EOR right
Lochend St / Saddell St EOR left
Dalaruan St EOR left
Milnknow Rd 2 nd left
Mill St Right
Parliament Place Left
Broad St EOR right, EOR left
Parliament Place EOR right
Milnknow Rd EOR right
Longrow Left, EOR left
Glebe St EOR right, right
Bigkin St Left
Smith Drive 2 nd left
Smith Ave Right
Smith Drive EOR left
Witchburn Rd Left
Tomaig Rd 2 nd left
Ralston Crescent EOR left
Ralston Rd 2 nd right, EOR left
Limecraigs Rd EOR left
Kilkerran Rd  

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