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Government Buildings, Pontfaen Road, Lampeter, Dyfed, SA48 7BN


Lampeter Driving Test Centre

Lampeter Driving Test Centre is located throughout the countryside roads where difficult curve to steer for oncoming vehicles. These type of roads often show axacting to learnera driving often be unable to judge the safe and suitable speed for curve. The countryside driving lesson offers guidance of this.
Village roads are comon area to fail driving test due to have narrow and difficult roads.. Small village roads are tapering and difficult areas which is a common reason to fail in driving test. The passing parked cars guide you how to deal on narrow roads with oncoming vehicles.
Fast ‘A’ roads are also present such as the A475 and are mostly like for the driving test.Visibility of the test roads offers candidates of the test with perception into the varied types of roads and traffic systems they mostly like to experience.


The most of the UK practical driving test centres provide tests round the week, Monday to Friday. peaceful areas may produce tests on a part-time . For details ,see below for how to book a driving test.
Driving Test booking by phone
For the Practical driving tests in the UK booking via the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You should be booking your Driving tests by telephone or via the internet . For the booking of a test at Lampeter Driving Test Centre, see the book of a driving test section in the booking contact telephone numbers. It should be automated service, though a DVSA assistant can be extend by following the options that is provided.
Driving Test booking by online
The most desired procedure for booking a practical test via the internet. When you booking, the times and dates available and will be displayed for your selected test centre. see the book a driving test section,To make a test booking at Lampeter Driving Test Centre.
Cancelling or rescheduling the driving test
You should be rescheduled or cancelled your Driving Test. Changing date of your driving test can be issued in three working days’ notice will be given. If you would cancel your test and should receive a full refund from DVSA bookings, three working days and also in Saturday’ notice must also be issued.
Passing rates is changed from each test centre, due to the problem of the test roads. Some candidates of test select a test centre outside of their situation due to the types of roads that are used for the test. Pass rates section of the driving test may show driving test passing rate statistics for your practical test centre.
your test centre to enquire on any general driving test questions you may have ,a member of staff can be contacted you , for example if a test is going to forward due to bad weather (For further information see the test bad weather).
You must be book your Practical driving test , cancelled or change via the DVSA directly . See over for more details. You get the contact telephone number of The Lampeter Driving Test Centre within the driving test centre contact numbers section or get from your driving test verification letter or email.
Bridge St Roundabout, Bryn RdRoundabout, North Rd Roundabout, High St Roundabout, Station Terrace Roundabout, College Rd Roundabout, High St / Pontfaen Rd Roundabout, A475 Roundabout, High St Roundabout, North Rd Roundabout, Bryn Rd Roundabout, College Rd Roundabout.

Was screamed at by instructor for waiting for a car to reverse, instead of speeding to take over it ????” .


I took and passed my test here and found the examiner I had pretty decent and fair. In the actual test centre theres no toilets for customer which seems a bit strange considering how nervous people must get. I done bay parking though I think we went to another test centre for that. Good test, no complaints here.”.

(Len. S)

Extremely unhelpful. Could find no way of getting into contact with them. Lost my test fee.".


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