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Oxford (Cowley), James Wolfe Road, Cowley, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 2PY

Oxford (Cowley)

Oxford Driving Test Centre

Oxford Driving Test Centre have many diversing roads and systems will characteristic .Different type of roads will be included, for example: country side roads (when you drive in the counrty side road need a guide how to control speed specialy when you near the corners). Driving in village , high speed ‘A’ roads and double expressway system such as the A40 and also busy when driving in-town .
Different types of roads system of the Oxford street will be test of your ability. Dual-lane large traffic circle and mini traffic circle, sign, controlled and unsigned crossroads and bonds are to be supposed.
Residential areas are used for activity purposes of test, the crisis stop plans and different other activities such as gathering of oncoming vehicles in limited track condition (often including passing cars parked ). All practical of cars driving tests now involve about 10 minutes of freely driving. A full reason of this can be found in the freely driving section.
All the routes of the test centre will designed by the examiners who managing practical tests at local test centre. The routes will be designed as included of many multiple roads and traffic systems as possible, usually involves very demanding parts. Geting knowledge of the test routes should be provides you valuable awareness of these routes that will be taken in your test. Mobile downloadable app of Driving test routes may be available to view in your area, including Oxford Driving Test Centre.


Uk utilize most of the driving test centres on a Monday to Friday base, but some test centre offering their test candidates that they should take test on saturday. Experience of saturday bookings is a moderatel higher test fee. Many test candidates should be interested as booking their test because it takes peacefull places during day and lack of traffic rush.
Driving Test booking by phone
You should be booked your Practical driving tests through the telephone via an automated service. If you book a test at Oxford Driving Test Centre, must see te contact telephone numbers for the test booking.Infact this is an automated service, a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assistant should be reached by following the occasion.
Driving Test booking by online
Most of test candidates booking their driving test on the internet as the available free test openning are made noticable to be taken. If you booking at Oxford Driving Test Centre, must see the bookig a driving test section.
Cancelling or rescheduling the driving test
If you cant take your test on time you should be rescheduled or cancelled. You can changing your driving test date can be done in three working days’ notice is given. In case of cancel your test and you received a full refund from DVSA bookings, in three working days’and saturday also be included notice must be provided. .
Practical driving test centres throughout in Uk, pass rates can be changed. Unchallenged centres, which in very busiest areas may have a moderately lower passing rate and in this condition,some candidates can be decided to take their test at the nearest centre or alternative test centre. The driving test pass rates section may be shown of driving test passing rate statistics for your practical test centre.
You get practical driving test centre contact telephone number on email confirmation your test booking , or found on the contact number sedtion of the drivingt test centre.You must not be contacted to Test centres for booking, cancel or change a driving test, but only contact the centre manager if you have any problem or any question about your test, for example if your test is still taken due to bad weather (must see your driving tests in bad weather for other information).
Hollow Way Roundabout, Warneford Lane Roundabout, Garsington Rd, Horspath Driftway Roundabout, Cherwell Drive Roundabout, Horspath Driftway Roundabout, A4074 Sandford Link Roundabout, Eastern By-Pass Rd Roundabout, Newman Rd Roundabout, Cowley Rd Roundabout, Barns Rd Roundabout, Holloway Rd Roundabout.

I failed my practical test two times marks r unbeliveable 4 me & uncomfortable fready failed me very stupid reason .”.


Most people at Oxford are quite miserable except John! Great examiner,”.


My examiner was William. If you get chances to examined by him he is going to find a way, to fail you and i strongly advise you to get the instructor with you. Not to mention the complete lack of empathy, not even a smile when introducing himself whatsoever".


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