Rathgar Test Routes

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Rathgar Driving Test Routes

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or DSA has done some changes in driving tests. One of them is DSA is not publishing test routes for driving test centres.
So Rathgar driving test routes might have some changes in future. Currently Rathgar test routes as still similar to those used in practical test. Find below the available driving test routes map for Rathgar.

Coming out of Rathgar Driving Test Centre turn left onto Orwell Road.

At the traffic lights turn left onto Orwell Park.

Drive the length of this road and at the lights turn left onto Dartry Road.

At the crossroads / traffic lights turn right onto Temple Road, park the car and then do a reverse into the first sideroad.

Driving back out turn right and at the traffic lights turn right again, back onto Dartry Road.

At the next set of traffic lights turn left onto Highfield Road and take the second road to the right onto Neville Road.

Drive the length of this road and at the T junction turn right onto Vernon Grove.

Take the slight right turn, yielding to traffic on Frankfort Avenue.

Take the immediate left turn onto Rathmines Road Upper. Take the first right turn onto Church Avenue.

Follow the road, driving to the left of the church and at the traffic lights turn right.

From Palmerstown Road turn right at the lights onto Cowper Road.

At the T junction turn left onto Rathmines Road Upper. Follow the road through the first set of lights ( a quick left and right ) onto Dartry Road.

Drive down the hill, round the bend and take the right turn at the Dropping Well Pub traffic lights, park on this hill to do a hill start.

Then drive along the road until the next set of lights where you should turn right. Driving back along Orwell Road take the second left into Eaton Brae to do a turn-about.

Drive back out to the left and return to the test centre.
Driving Test Centre Rathgar

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